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Variety and confidence

In Victoria8, we love surprising our customers, we are always introducing new features in our menu. Besides, we are working on building trust, let our staff advise you. "The proof is in the pudding".

We begin

A foie gras and tomato marmalade warm salad, or a tournedos of scallops. Good start. Or maybe, a cream of zucchini and crispy bacon soup could be marvelous; and a vegetable tempura with soft garlic mayonnaise. Let's continue.

From land and sea

Since we know that not only from starters, scrambled eggs with vegetables and rice, a person can live, every day, we go to the market to obtain the best fish and seafood from our shores. Also, we offer grilled meats that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

For sublimating

Home made desserts. Apple upside-down cake. Almond Delight with toast yolk egg. Natural ice creams. As a daily routine, we take care of combining tradition and the best products. And of course, everything is accompanied by a select wine cellar.

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