At the heart of Triana

"In what kingdom, in what century, in which silent
conjunction of the stars, in which secret day
that marble has not saved, did the brave
and singular idea of inventing the joy emerge?"
Jorge Luis Borges, Wine Sonnet.

In the middle of the Gypsies' Cava neighborhood, it is found Restaurant Victoria8, opened in 2007 by Begoña Barquín Molero. This restaurant has a commitment to combine traditional and modern culinary as its best with a warm and friendly service.

Framed in a traditional courtyard-house, Victoria8 makes quality and innovation its main emblem. On the one hand, its quality is presented in both raw materials and in its kitchen; on the other hand, its innovation invites us to enjoy a mixture of flavors and sensations.

Although we hope to meet you here, you can previously find information about our kitchen, a photo gallery, our location and how to contact us in this web site.


Now, take-away service: Download menu

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